Berrigan Post Office

Berrigan Post Office

The first Post Office in Berrigan was a receiving office opened in May 1884 at Mr George Mitchell’s. A once weekly mail service was provided between Corowa and Murray Hut at this time.

Mr Mitchell was the step father of Patience and Elizabeth Ruddock. Patience was the school teacher at the time.  Whilst Patience’s name was put forward it was at her suggestion in a letter to the powers that be, that her sister Elizabeth be Mistress.  (In copies of letters we have, P Ruddock, teacher is referred to as he or him by the Post Master General or politicians.

In the following years the Post Office had a few other homes in line with the Postmaster of the time before moving in to its own two room weatherboard building which incorporated the telegraph department in November 1891. This was not deemed to be big enough with the increase in demand for a more frequent mail service and it was decided to build an office that also would house the Postmaster.

The brick building that is still the current Post Office was built in 1901 at a cost of £1398.

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