Berrigan Shire Council Chambers

Berrigan Shire Council Chambers

In January 1907, following the election of the first Council in November of the year previous, moves were begun to construct Council Chambers. Plans were put in motion for the construction of what was then considered a commodious building to fully cover the needs of the Shire staff. The building however was somewhat delayed owing to the poor supply of bricks and little was left of the year by the time the Council became resident in its new domicile, a home it was to occupy for over 50 years.

From the late 1940’s there had been various suggestions about the building of a new Council Chambers and certainly with the expansion of Shire responsibilities the old building must have been overcrowded. In February 1959 a new building was constructed.

During 1994 it became obvious that the staff accommodation and council facilities had reached their use by date and required expansion and renovation. A number of options were explored and the former Murray River Electricity building next door was purchased with plans to join the two buildings together. To this point the project was progressing with good co-operation. This was however to be short lived as a bank foreclosure on the operation of the Tocumwal Bowling Club saw a low cost accommodation option appear. The Council purchased the building and announced its relocation.

This proposal saw Berrigan residents show their displeasure with a public rally being held and the respective Council camps moving to their corners; war was well and truly on. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and a group of emerging Berrigan leaders facilitated a deal that saw the Council provided with a parcel of land opposite the existing Shire Office in exchange for the former Murray River Electricity building with the Berrigan and District Development Association funding a shortfall in the exchange values.

The new offices were opened in 1999.

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