Berrigan War Memorial Swimming Pool

The Berrigan War Memorial Swimming Pool is FREE ENTRY and open from mid November through to mid March (weather permitting) during the following hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 3-6pm
  • Friday 3-7pm
  • Saturday 2-7pm
  • Sunday 2-6pm
  • School holidays 2-7pm

The canteen is open daily 3-6pm

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How subsidised entry to our pool continues

Each year we send out letters to our very generous community asking them to donate to our pool running costs, as opposed to charging entry fee on a daily basis or season ticketing. This letter is to subsidise the next year ahead (i.e. November 2020 to March 2021 not the season we are currently in 2019 – 2020) This allows us to decide if we can move forward with the subsidised system.

This system has been sustainable for the Berrigan community for eight years because of their amazing generosity and community spirit.

We understand our shire pools take a lot of funding to operate and appreciate the shire funding contribution. We collect what we consider would be received through our gate using the subsidised entry system .

We are a small Committee who watch our budget very carefully and also fundraise to implement improvements to our facility.

What we would like everyone to know is our community has paid UPFRONT for EVERYONE to swim.

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