EJ Gorman

EJ Gorman

Emmanuel James Gorman, most often referred to as EJ Gorman, arrived in Berrigan in 1888 as a stock and station agent. Within two years he had purchased a farm of his own, some 2,800 acres on Woodstock. In the mid-nineties he availed himself of a world trip which must have had a vast effect on his outlook as on his return he disposed of the Woodstock property and purchased Nangunia, some 27,000 acres in total. He had also relinquished control of the stock agency during this period.

Mr EJ Gorman devoted a tremendous amount of time to various town organisations including much energy put towards the quest for irrigation.

He was elected to the first Berrigan Shire Council on 24th November 1906, and was then instigated as first President following the final meeting of the temporary Council and the inauguration of the new Berrigan Shire Council on Friday 30th November 1906, and retained the position for the first three years of his term. He continued on as Councillor until the 1911 election when he failed to be re-elected having advocated an increase in rates.

Mr Gorman continued through the years to be a great campaigner for Berrigan and the Shire as a whole until he sold his property, Nangunia, around 1927 and retired to Sydney.

Sources Berrigan Today and Yesterday by Ian Fuzzard and Berrigan Shire Council Centenary 1906-2006.

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