Federal Hotel

Federal Hotel

Shortly after proclamation of Berrigan as a village, Paddy Gleeson, an exuberant character to say the least, built the original Federal Hotel. He was also the licencee of the Nangunia Hotel south of Berrigan at one stage.

This first hotel was a wooden structure with a wide veranda at the front, as was the style of the time. It soon became the focal part of town. The Union Bank opened in a portion of the Federal Hotel in 1896 and then later moved further down Chanter Street.

The original hotel was destroyed by fire in 1897 and then rebuilt later in the same year. This building was added to over the years and had become quite illustrious, but was once again destroyed by fire around 1915.

Some of the proprietors over the early years included Mr Howard Arundel, and Mr GR Rintoule.

It was rebuilt in 1915, as it stands today, and although limited to only one storey it is a very spacious building, and for many years held the title of the longest bar in the region.
The hotel was refurbished early this century but still retains its historic features and charm.

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