Lalalty School

Lalalty School

The Lalalty School was officially opened in 1884, although a provisional school was in effect from September 1883 with Patience Leitch the first teacher. The original building and facilities were provided by parents of the children.

The school has had many incarnations over its life depending on the amount of children of school age registered as living in the catchment area. To be a Public School there needed to be more than 25 pupils, at most times the Lalalty School was a Provisional School which required between twelve and twenty four students to be registered.

In its almost 100 years of existence it was closed down on more than two occasions and during two other periods it had to share a teacher with another school, as the numbers fell below the required twelve to remain a stand alone school. First it shared with Leniston from 1894 to 1907 until Leniston closed down, then in 1908 it shared with Warmatta, then closed for a while with all students required to travel to Warmatta.

As it was too far for many students to travel such a distance a subsidised school was run from Mr Jack Dunn’s farmhouse in the early 1920’s, and later the school operated from the Lalalty Methodist Church Hall.

The final school building is a private residence now, located south of the Drop on the Barooga-Berrigan Road. It was built in 1937 at a cost of £420. This school had a paddock to allow some pupils, who travelled almost six miles, to house their horses and gigs. Other students came on horseback or bicycle.

Information and photo sourced from ‘Barooga and Districts, Yesterday and Today’.

Further information provided by Tom Pyle:

NOTE:  The photo is not of the original school or site but that of the current (Lalalty of 2020) which is a private residence.  See above for the correct info re original school. .. Subsidised means that the school was funded and run by parents who advertised for a teacher and provided accommodation for same.

c.1880-1883.  Mr WHC Hughes being the first teacher.  (? His initials)

1880-1883.  Classes could have been held in the “Dalmally” home (or another) as the school was not built until c1881 by Benjamin Carter on the “Dalmally” land.

1884-1888.  Miss Patience Ruddock (married Leitch later) is teacher

1884 Jan-1886 April.  Provisional School (as Berrigan No.1 school)

1886 April – 1893 Dec.  Is a Public School

1888  J Cameron teacher

1891  On the opening of a school in Berrigan village as Berrigan No. 2 School, the Berrigan No.1 School on “Dalmally” is renamed Lalalty School. (NOTE: on maps we have  found, in earlier times, that an area named Lalalatee or Lalaltee  covers up to that area). The Parish of Nangunia was at that stage Lalalty South.

1889-1892  R Woolley teacher

1892-1893  L MacDonald teacher

1893  JH Middleton teacher

1894-1905  HA Mayne teacher

1894 Aug – 1907 May.  Is a Half-time school with Leniston

1905-1907  W L Hughes  teacher

1907 May -1908 Aug.  Again a Provisional School

1907-1908  KR Hogg  teacher

1908 Aug – 1909 April.  Is a Half Time school with Warmatta.  Closing in 1909.

1908 LA Welsh is teacher for 3 months

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