Map of Lalalty and Nangunia Region 1900s

Lalalty Township

Back over a century ago there was a stopover point between Barooga and Berrigan which was aptly named Lalalty. It was located to the north of the Drop, just south of the Berrigan Channel crossing on the Cobram-Berrigan Road. There are still a few bricks at the site to show that there was once a building or two.

‘Barooga and Districts, Yesterday and Today’ reports that in the early 1890’s a coach run was finally established between Cobram and Berrigan and there was a Hotel and a General Store established at this site to cater for the passing trade.

There is a note in ‘Berrigan, Today and Yesterday’ about Gleeson’s Nangunia Hotel being located about eight miles south of Berrigan on the Cobram Road, which would locate it at the same site as the abovementioned Lalalty Hotel.

In March 1896, Naranghi Receiving Office was first opened, out of what was the General Store at Lalalty. Mr D Stewart, the store owner was appointed as first Receiving Officer. In September 1899, the Receiving Office was converted to a Post Office, though there is no record of a separate building for the Post Office at this time.

The Postmaster General agreed to change the name of the Post Office from Naranghi to Lalalty in June 1900.

The map, from ‘Barooga and Districts, Yesterday and Today’ featured is of the region with the Lalalty Township located in the middle of the page just below Nangunia.


Update from Tom Pyle:

1896  – Hotel was built for Patrick Gleeson  ….  Not actually a “township” but became a stopover point for Coach Service between Berrigan and Cobram.

1896 – Patrick Gleeson was granted Publicans Licence.

1903 (Jan) – Fire destroyed the Hotel and Post Office –  A residence was built on the destroyed hotel site and a little later was owned by Mr Castello.

1914 – The Lalalty Receiving Office opens there in 1914 run by Mrs Castello.  –  It was in turn destroyed by fire in 1939. The Fuzzard family were in residence.

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