Momalong Hotel

The Momalong Hotel

The original Momalong Hotel was built in 1893 by Mr Curtis Drummond with the second licensee Mr John Rees.

The destruction of the Momalong Hotel in the early thirties by fire was sensational and spectacular. However, it also carried with it tragedy as an exploding gas cylinder casting fragments in all directions saw a portion strike and cause the death of Sergeant Whitely of the police force. Other portions also struck other bystanders too, severely injuring some.

The present substantial building was rebuilt in 1932. This hotel has some prominent names amongst its earliest hosts; George Rintoule, an emigrant from Nhill in Victoria was in charge for a while before taking over the Federal. His successor was Clarrie Bond, and antecedent of the present Bond family of the town, he also came from Nhill. Later Claude Cedye, a member of a family that had much to do with early business in Berrigan, was publican here for some time.

Information sources from Berrigan Today and Yesterday by Ian Fuzzard.

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